About Us


ErgoGene was born out of an initiative to tackle debilitating ailments before they become an impediment to your life. At ErgoGene we recognize that health and wellness at the workplace or home has gone from being an ‘Add-on’ to a ‘Must-have’ today. Employers , intending to cut medical costs have recognized that creating a culture that supports healthy behavior is beneficial in the long run, not only to the employees but also to the profit graphs. It has been observed that for every 300Rs that an average Indian spends on treating an ailment, less than 100Rs is required in simply preventing it.

And when you can engage in healthy habits with your friends, coworkers or family members, the benefits simply multiply. Which is exactly what ErgoGene aims to provide you. Not only do we provide customized and private wellness packages and services but we also group therapies and corporate ergonomics awareness sessions that are tailored to meet your specific workplace demands.

Busy schedules, hectic routine, meetings, deadlines, responsibilities, daily chores etc. You have ‘n’ number of reasons to keep aside your health and wellness. Here at ErgoGene we will give you best possible services to maintain your health and wellness at optimum level without much efforts.

Let ErgoGene be your friend, philosopher and guide on a journey of self discovery and improvement.


To make health & wellness easily available to all and make it as an integral aspect of life. ErgoGene envision every person in this country to have a better and healthy life


A healthy body is everyone’s right and my mission through ErgoGene is to make health and wellness approachable to all, irrespective of their lifestyle. ErgoGene is dedicated towards bringing awareness regarding health and wellness and helping people to maintain their optimum health through healthy habits,imparting exercises in daily routine, proactive approach, and all that possible measures to make one’s life happy and healthy.

People Ergogene

  • This is a nice way to being fit in office away from gym. This help us a lot to be fit in office environment. A small session was truly productive. I thank ErgoGene for this session.”

    Mr. Shibakar Mishra
    National Steel and AgroIndustries Pvt Ltd
  • Simple things in our day to day working life which can create problems were conveyed effectively. Hopefully it will be be of use and we will adopt it. Keep it up.”

    Mr. I.L Kalantri
    Executive Director Ruchi Global ltd
  • The session was very informative which we can include in our daily routine easily. Thank you for such a great session.

    Ms. Meghana Shah
    Tata Consultancy Services
  • It was really helpful session. Will surely work on my workstation

    Ms. Sanchi Agrawal
    Tata consultancy Services
  • Good and effective workshop

    Mr.Vijay Bamboria
    Asst Manager Videocon
  • This is really helpful session which will allow us to keep our self fit during work and avoid health issues which are very common. Thanks !!

    Mr. Vipin Upadhyay
    Manager Videocon
  • Session was beneficial and we got lots of information about do’s and don’ts in work place. I plan to implement in my work schedule.

    Mr. Ravindra Yadav
    Programmer analyst Asian Paints Ltd
  • Session was informative and practical.

    Mr. Parsuram
    Chief Manager -IT Asian Paints Ltd
  • Very informative. Easy to implement and help to take precautions for minor problems which can become major

    Ms. Priyanka Tawde
    Solution Lead Asian Paints Ltd
  • Overall. it was a good session

    Mr. S. Ravi Venkatramana
    Senior Manager System Development: Asian Paints Ltd