Our services ranges in four aspects of life and we believe that if these are balanced, life will be well balanced


For an average Indian the health is defined as “mere absence of disease “it means if you don’t have any ailment, you are considered as a healthy person. This concept of health is quite obsolete. Nowadays health means a total wellbeing of a person, not just mere absence of disease. Health is in the priority list of everyone but nobody wants to put much efforts to achieve it or don’t have much time or knowledge to achieve it. We went to seek healthcare help only at 11th hour. Sometimes this attitude leads to severe irreversible injuries and problems which can be prevented by an apt, proactive and enlightened health sessions. ErgoGene Health Session provides a proactive approach and solution toward the problems that are bothering you in your daily routine.


Awareness is being well informed about your surroundings.When health and wellness is concerned, awareness regarding various problems will allow you to become more proactive rather than reactive. A proactive approach, that’s what is lacking in this country which is the root cause of infirmity and disability, can help you to prevent many debilitating diseases before they strikes. Heart attacks, stroke (Brain attack), breast cancer, diabetes and its complications are the few examples in which proficiency in advance can help you to get prepare on time. An Awareness Session is always better and worthy option than a trip to ICU. It doesn’t matter that you have the problems or not, but the important thing is you should be aware of these ailments so that you can save yourself or someone dear one on time. Because we believe “Prevention is always better than Cure”. An awareness session will make you geared up for any health uncertainty.


Corporate Wellness program is one of the most vital investments that a company can make. Companies that start Corporate Wellness programs aren’t only investing in the physical wellness, safety, and mental health of their employees, but are also taking preventive measures by creating a healthier environment. As it is well said that a healthier environment results into happy employees and a happy employee is the biggest asset to the company. So it’s a wellness cycle that can be triggered by these type of training sessions leading to more benefits and profit to the company. Wellness is not a one day job that can be achieved in a single session or health camp but it’s an ongoing process that we are going to provide you with our wellness programs and special follow up programs that are never used in India which are way more effective and helpful. ErgoGene have series of wellness programs specially designed for corporate employees to meet up their needs and help them to ward off various routine ailments.


“Laughter is the best medicine” and it is scientifically proven that laughing or staying happy can heal or reduce pain. Our body has its own healing ability which gets augmented when we stay happy and includes fun in our lives. Endorphin is the key hormone which keeps us fit and healthy and this chemical have a special relation with humor, laughter and giggles. Office environment can be really stress full with targeted deadlines and loaded work schedule. So having fun group activities that can ensure employee’s mental health and well being becomes a necessity. So if you have an event or party in office and don’t know what to do or just exhausted from daily routine and really want to take a break. Call us. ErgoGene will provide you in-house/outdoor fun group activities for team building, time management, Confidence Boosting, Stress Busters in minimum and affordable expenses. These activities will help you to rejuvenate, de-stress and will increase joviality in routine life.