Why Us

Remember, back when you were little and couldn’t wait to go play with your friends after school? Remember, how agile your body used to be back then? A body that didn’t feel like it was tired and strained all the time? Over the past 30 years or so, along with our economy our lifestyles have changed drastically. TV, mobiles, IT boom, cheaper vehicles and increasingly efficient machines have indeed made our lives convenient. Technology has reduced time and distances to mere numbers. This technology has also altered our daily lives and bodies to a great extent. Long hours of sitting, standing or working in the same position, junk food, pollution and lack of physical activities has lead to an increasing number of lifestyle related ailments nowadays. Kids carrying huge bags to school, office-goers spending hours at the desk, being crushed around in public transit systems or simply spending ages in your car watching the red signal lights. After the grueling day at work all anybody wants to do is sit down and watch TV. This lifestyle leaves no scope for our bodies to regenerate and repair itself. If only healthy living could be incorporated in our daily schedules without making a task of it, it would be so much easier and painless. And that’s why ErgoGene has brought you wide range of services for your physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional well being. To find out how badly you need us… Take the quiz!

Answer the following question with “Yes” or “No

(With every answer as “yes” give 1 point to yourself)

1. Do you have long working hours whether at home or office?

(Hint: Does you work includes same posture for extended hours like sitting or standing?)

2. Do you feel tired or exhausted most of the time?

(Hint: You have many plans for yourself but you don’t have energy or will to complete that?)

3. Do you have High/low blood pressure, diabetes, Hyper or hypothyroidism or other hereditary diseases in your family?

(Hint: Are you worried about health of your parents or children because you know these problems can be life threatening?)

4. Do you want to pursue some hobby but then you have many reasons to procrastinate it?

(Hint: What about those painting/cooking classes you want to register but those didn’t happen?)

5. Are you really worried about increased use technology by your kids?

(Hint: Your smart phone or Ipad is used more by your kids and you didn’t get chance to try your hand on it?)

6. Do you want to improve your performance in the office but stupid neck pain, headaches bothers you?

(Hint: You badly wish to have atleast “B” in your appraisal this time)

7. Do you really want to live a healthy and happy life, but you don’t have any idea how to do it?

(Hint: Going to gym is also not helping much.)

If your answer is 5, 6 and 7: Your inner voice is screaming for help. You badly need a healthy change/modification in your life which will lead you to a place where your mind and body will be healthy and fit. You have full right to be healthy and you can take charge of it by simply letting us to help you. In short, you need ErgoGene. So, without a second thought call us now.

If your answer is 2, 3, and 4: You are on the verge of requiring help for yourself. You are not yet accepting that you need a modification in your life so that your body can finally be healthy and fit. You are living in a denial that everything is good with you. (Trust us; we also want the same for you but in a real way) To make a healthy body and healthy life, let us help you. It’s still not that late and just remember “prevention is always better than cure”.

If your answer is 1: You already are client of ErogGene. Just kidding. But still we want you to be client of ours and try our services so that your score will be 0. We really don’t want a single negative factor in your life which will be oozing energy from you. And we wish to make your life healthy and blissful.

Congratulations, you just have completed “How badly you need ErgoGene” Quiz. We are excited to help you sort out the answers. And if you have more queries you may contact us. We would like to hear from you and help you with any kind of query regarding health and wellness.